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"Before the Rubber Hits the Road Call Us!"

Need help with IFTA reporting? Let us file fuel taxes for you!

Legal Trucking Administration LLC in Atlanta, Georgia has a team of professionals that can help with your fuel tax. We are ELD savvy and can transfer your data and file your reports timely. Your documents can also be sent to our office via mail, e-mail, or fax.

Legal Trucking Administration offers services to keep you compliant with DOT including maintaining the correct files for your upcoming audit:

1. Company File

2. Accident Register

3. Drug and Alcohol File

4. Driver Qualification Files

5. Hours of Service Files

6. Truck & Trailer Maintenance Files

New Jersey, New Mexico and Oregon permits by request. Contact us directly for more information!

Corrective Action Plan

With decades of experience in compliance, and a high DOT corrective action plan success rate, we’ll collaborate with you through every step of the process to help you quickly and effectively address your areas of non-compliance, develop an action plan, and implement it correctly.

We offer same day services (on select products) and overnight services to get you what you need on time!

Regular services include:

    • 2290 Processing
    • IFTA Decal Processing and Pick up
    • IFTA Quarterly Filing
    • MC Authority Registration
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Title Processing and Pick up
    • UCR Processing
    • Income Tax Preparation
    • DOT Registration
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